Individuals Allergic to Mountain Cedar Pollen

Rate Your Symptoms Today

We are interested in knowing how well airborne pollen levels correlate with symptoms. If you know that you are allergic to mountain cedar pollen in December and January, please send us a short e-mail and tell us your symptom score based on the scale below. Be sure to include your location. Feel free to include any additional information you wish about your condition. Send e-mail to:

 Use the Following Scale:


No asthma or allergy symptoms today    

If you do not wish to send an e-mail click on this link to a quick symptom survey


Asthma or allergy symptoms present but not causing discomfort


Asthma or allergy symptoms causing discomfort, but not interfering with daily activities or sleep  


Asthma or allergy symptoms interfering somewhat with daily activities or sleep  


Asthma or allergy symptoms interfering with most activities (and which may have required bed rest, school absence, or telephoning a physician's office)


Asthma or allergy symptoms requiring a physician or emergency clinic visit or hospital admission


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