Estelle Levetin, PhD: Professor of Biology

Faculty of Biological Science

The University of Tulsa

600 S. College

Tulsa, OK 74104

Tel: (918) 631-2764

Fax: (918) 631-2762

Degrees Earned:

B.S.(Ed) - State College at Boston - 1966

Ph.D. - University of Rhode Island - 1971

Area of Specialization: Mycology and Botany

Professional Experience:

Professional Memberships:

Botanical Society of America; Mycological Society of America (Chair of Medical Mycology Committee 1996-97), British Mycological Society ; Society of Sigma Xi, Oklahoma Academy of Science; Beta Beta Beta, International Association of Aerobiology (Newsletter Editor 1986-1994, Exec Committee - 1986-98, Council Member - 1990-98, Vice President - 1994-98, Treasurer - 2006-2010); Panamerican Aerobiology Association - (Secy-Treas - 1993-97; President 1997-01); American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology


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